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Horizons Rebirth

Acrobat: Revision history

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2 April 2023

  • curprev 03:4903:49, 2 April 2023Rafamixer talk contribs 1,518 bytes +8 No edit summary
  • curprev 03:4703:47, 2 April 2023Rafamixer talk contribs 1,510 bytes +1,510 Created page with "{{Jutsu |Requirements=12 in a Combat Skill(Bladed) |Image= |Slide= |Caption= |Class Type=Fighting Style |Classification=Combat |Rank=A |Nature=N/A |Range=Self |Hand-seals=No |Benefits= Your SPD is treated as being 20 Higher. Your Striking Speed is treated as being 30 Higher. Techniques that rely on predicting movements to increase Dodge Speeds do not work against Acrobat. This includes Dōjutsu |Drawbacks=N/A |Derived Technique(s)=N/A |Parent Technique(s)=Disturbance..."