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Horizons Rebirth

v??? (This page might be deleted later on and remade with actual Server Updates)

Jutsu Changes

Body Replacement Technique - Benefits/Drawbacks clarified 

Benefits: Dodges the next DR/CR ability, moving up to 10m away from the previous position

Drawbacks: Cannot avoid Genjutsu

Cloak of Invisibility Technique - Benefits/Drawbacks clarified

Benefits: Conceal the user within a static area

Drawbacks: Cannot move drastically in order to maintain it

Rope Escape Technique - Benefits/Drawbacks clarified 

Benefits: Reduces the BOD CR to 0 if the user is bound by a rope

Drawbacks: If who makes this knot is a Jōnin, ANBU, Rogue, and/or Kage, then it doesn't work

Transformation Technique - Benefits clarified 

Benefits: Changes voice accordingly

Genjutsu Release - Added to the Jutsu List / Rules clarified 
Ephemeral - "you are not Itachi" clarified / Drawbacks clarified 

Drawbacks: The target can still try to break out from the Genjutsu even while asleep

Genjutsu Communication - Drawbacks clarified 

Drawbacks: Target must be willing

Butterfly Needle Fire - Benefits clarified / Drawbacks slightly changed

Benefits: If the opponent can't free themselves from the Genjutsu, the follow-up explosion will be unavoidable

Drawbacks: Two Turn Set Up: First Turn Sets Up Tags(2 Actions), Second Turn Detonates

Temple of Nirvana - Same Drawback clarification as Ephemeral
Time Reversal Technique - Drawbacks clarification

Drawbacks: Not usable in combat. Target must be restrained or willing

Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings - Benefits/Drawbacks clarified

Benefits: This Jutsu overlaps its Parent Technique, so when the target breaks out of the Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings, they will be instantly redirected to this one

Drawbacks: Only works with its Parent Technique

Leaf-Style Willow - Hand-seals clarified & Benefits added 

Hand-seals:Yes (Swinging your Weapon/Body counts as a Hand-seal)

Benefits: +5 Striking Speed for your next attacks if your target is trapped in this Jutsu

Still not finished...