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Horizons Rebirth

Jutsu Index


Out of Combat techniques cannot be used while you're inside any combat situation.

Construct techniques follows Construct Rules.

AoE techniques targets an Area of Effect while being used.

Reaction Only techniques are required for you to spend 1 Reaction instead of 1 Action.

Substitution techniques follows the Preparation/Upkeep/Activation rules from the Body Replacement Technique.

B.N.R techniques poccess Bonus Nature Requirements, which will be listed next to the Jutsu itself.

Academy Techniques




Chakra Control

Medical Ninjutsu

Barrier Ninjutsu



Earth Release

Fire Release

Lightning Release

Water Release

Wind Release

Ice Release

Lava Release

Rubber Release

Scorch Release

Typhoon Release

Plasma Release

Magnet Release

Storm Release

Force Release

Glass Release

Mud Release

Boil Release

Uchiha Clan

Aburame Clan

Akimichi Clan

Fūma Clan

Hyūga Clan

Lee Clan

Lee Clan

Hōzuki Clan

Inuzuka Clan

Kamizuru Clan

Nara Clan

Sarutobi Clan

Uzumaki Clan

Yamanaka Clan

Kaguya Clan

Shikigami Clan

Kazekage Clan

Kedoin Clan

Otoga Clan

Senju Clan

Guren Clan

Bakuhatsu Clan

Kumonosu Clan

Nekomari Clan

Ashina Clan

Majo Clan

Mink Clan

Ibaraki Clan

Hebi Clan

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